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That picture is real! It was at SeaWorld for the Fourth of July concert. Talk about goosebumps: Singing a patriotic song with the Orlando Philharmonic in front of 5000 people with full fireworks blasting overhead. It doesn't get much more exciting than that.....except for maybe......

Sharing the stage with the incomparable Davis Gaines. He holds the record for longest running Phantom of the Opera. Singing "All I Ask Of You" with him is a true career highlight, and we've done it a few times! He is one of the greatest voices of our time and a friend as well. Thank you, Davis!

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Many of you have seen the Infomercial I did with a real lion in the background....what a day that was. The reward for that "stand up" was cuddling with this baby chimp. How much fun do I have on the job?!

pictured left to right: John Foley, Member of Parliament John Cummings, and Me.

We are outside on the Members Terrace of Parliament along the River Thames. Westminster Bridge and the London Eye are in the background. The MP invited John and myself for a private tour and dinner at Parliament (members of Parliament and their guests only) in appreciation for the benefit concert we organized for his local charity in County Durham. Our friends, John and Michelle Ord lost their baby girl, Aleisha in a bus accident in their village of Murton. The concert raised money to build the Aleisha Ord Play Park at her school.

This is one of many articles in the British papers promoting my appearance. This shot, although not one of my favorites of me, is special as it was taken during one of my visits to the local schools to talk and sing for the children. This school was in Yorkshire.

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Florida Hospital has a wonderful annual charity event called Celebrity Stroll in which professional models mix with local celebrities (Sports, the Arts and Television Personalities) wearing fashions from Saks Fifth Avenue. Put me in front of 50,000 people singing and I am fine....just don't make me walk a runway ever again....that's too scary!

I was also asked to be the featured entertainment for the event. I sang, appropriately, "My Strongest Suit" from Broadway's Aida.

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Gay Divorce
Goodspeed Opera House
Leonard Drum and chorus cuties: I'm behind his left elbow

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Orlando Philharmonic under the baton of Andrew Lane
Christmas at Sea World

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My first head shot for ShopNBC (www.shopnbc.com)

2007 Alzheimers Gala, Minneapolis

My mom, Ruth Kunkle, was one of the special guests at this event. She looked so beautiful and had a "wonderful time" that night, especially when I sang "For Good" from Wicked to her. By the time we got home, she didn't remember it. Please support your local Alzheimers Foundation to help find a cure.

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Connie and Halle's First Christmas

(l (L to R) Brian Kessler, Connie, Halle, Libby Floyd, Jim Fisher, Mike Davidson

ShopNBC Christmas Shoot

The crew did an amazing job building this village complete with fake snow. The concept is the hosts strolling around this fantasy village and the camera pulls out to reveal we are in a snowglobe!

English Tenor (and ex-boyfriend) John "Jack" Foley and Me at his very first baseball game. We were in the cheap seats at the back of Yankee Stadium and everyone all around us tried to explain the rules of the game. What a blast!

Rio! January 2007  

Sugarloaf the day I arrived!




This picture is taken from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain looking across at the famous statue of Christ. The clouds covered the statue and as I took the picture, they parted for a second to reveal Christ. How wonderful it was! That dot at the top of the mountain is Christ.

The view from from my hotel room!This country is soccer crazy. Those are just two of about 16 fields that run the length of the ocean. They are empty only a few hours a day for maintenance and they play until about 6AM!

(L to R) Me, Anna, Mark, Rob, Anne
The gang on our way to Petropolis, Brazil.

Dancing with Rob on the beach below Sugarloaf. It doesn't get much better than that!

(L to R) Anna, Anne, Me, Mark, Rob

Grabbing a few Caiparenhas before a late night of Salsa Dancing!!

The Musicians and their instruments

The crowd outside the Salsa club watching the men doing a traditional ribal dance. It looks like they are fighting but they are not permitted to touch in anyway.

Cristo Redentor

My friend, Marguerite, gave her kids a miniture donkey for a Christmas pesent. Ah, the glamorous life!

Me with my Emmy Award! I wish. It belongs to my best friend and manager, Greg Bell.

The love affair with Africa begins!

I can't believe the surprises around every bend!
(L to R) Anne, Carol Ann Mom, Carol Ann Daughter, Me, Nelson

In the Bush Plane on the way to Kwara Camp in Botswana

Sundown at Camp